nw2s::b Assembly Instructions – Step 3

Overview This is the third and final step in the assembly process. There is only a small amount of soldering left. Most of the final assembly is just wiring and testing. Solder pins on the SD Reader Card For the daughter boards, orientation of the pins is critical. Pay close attention to the following three […]

Session sheets for the nw2s::b

Session sheets for the nw2s::b

Wes @ Grayscale has created some great session sheets for the ‘b. We had some requests for overlays, but I think for now, these will be a bit more useful (and require less hole punching) Print them out and use them to either keep track of specific inputs and outputs for individual sketches, or use […]

ByteBeats on the ‘b

Had a couple of folks asking about bytebeats, bitcode, or whatever they are called which got me thinking about them. Like most of my code, I have more hardware work to do before I can really concentrate on the software, so I have managed to only spend enough time to get a couple of POCs […]